weekly summary

This is bad.
This is very bad.
The Directorate are on campus
They are here to undermine Ds106. they have recruited a couple people to their cause.
at least, that is what they told me. yes, they contacted me. They tried to recruit me. I had to play a long when I was contacted via a chat room.

This is bad.
They have Proffessor bond. Possibly. they could be fibbing. It’s actually what he said about feathers that has got me riled up. If he’s talking about who I think he’s talking about, then this is some serious business. It could be my old nemesis.

I had to make sure for certain. I interviewed a couple people. I got nothing till I got word that there was a member of The Directorate, a double agent. I closed in on him and beat him up and interrogated him the only way I knew how, batman style.

After that I located where he said the shack was and brought my invisible recording drone with me in case I got caught. Then I got clobbered on the head, blacked out. When I awoke, I Was face to face with…Him.

He has been the bane of my existence for many, many years. I should’ve known it was him in charge of the directorate, and something tells me this whole thing was a trick to get me out here. they kidnapped Professor bond to get me out here to face my old nemesis. It all leads up to this. the many years of torment, the many friends I lost to this thing, all of it flashes through my head as I face down this man. He’s in the middle of giving a stupid monologue about how he caught me and how he’s so much better than me, so much smarter than me. I’m not listening. I just have on thing going through my mind: I’m going to punch the frick out of that chicken.

As he’s in the middle of his dumb spiel, I send my fist through his stupid face. with a grunt, he goes flying across the room, he tries to get up, and I rained down blows upon him. As I’m punching him I’m screaming, ORA ORA ORA and with one last spurt of blood coming out of his beak, I know he is dead. I stood up, out of breath. I had done it. I had finally done it. I defeated my arch nemesis. now it was time to find Professor bond. I looked around and I saw a door. I opened it up and inside was a room with a big hole in the back, leading to the outside world. In the very center of the room was a note that read:
Don’t lock up an agent of Ds106, Sincerely, Agent Bond
P.s. If you are reading this to rescue me, good job, but you took too long. Don’t expect anything grade wise.

Well, with that out of the way, I exited the small shack, made my way back to the last place I left my computer and wrote up this report for my final project.

This one was a lot of fun.
I had the Mr. Puffychicken video queued up since the beginning of the semester, i just never had a use for it. thinking of a way to make a whole story out of an assignment was pretty fun, too. The biggest struggle with this entire assignment was the fact that my computer doesn’t come with a video editing software, and I only just found out that the computers on campus have move maker, which was great for me. I have been having computer troubles lately, and it is really annoying. the computer in the HCC was very slow, my computer won’t turn off right, and I’m just freaking out because of all these computer problems. I also had some problems with the voice recording because I was very self conscious about shouting stupid things in public. so I had to wait until night time to do it. with that, I feel like I am almost completely done with this Course and almost done with Freshmen year of college.

Weekly Review

war…war never changes

this week was really fun.
I got a lot of mileage out of the opacity setting on Paint.net this week, and I used our lord and savior Reggie.
My favorite show came back on television which was really great.
I opened up to some new friends this week.
This was a great week.

3 Month Turkey!!!!!

near the end of the year, on halloween, something magical happens. all the turkeys of the world gather together in Turkey, and have a vote to see who will become the legendary 3-month turkey. once the representative is chosen he is sacrificed and buried. then when night falls, he rises from his grave and is full of vengence. because he is the three month turkey, he has special powers that come in phases. his hatred of the turkeys that killed him grows into a special power that allows him to turn turkeys into candy. but only for one night. so he goes around turning the other turkeys into candy. and spreads them across western civilizations households to be given to kids. His hatred subsides just enough after one night that he cant turn Turkeys into candy anymore, but he’s a turkey with a vengeance. he then goes on a killing spree, killing as many turkeys as he can. these turkeys are then rounded up, sold, and served on thanksgiving day. finally, the 3 month turkey feels sorry for what he’s done, and tries to appease the spirits of the turkeys that he has slain, so he spends the entire month of december gathering up presents. But these presents are then gathered up by santa and his elves, and there is nothing the 3 month turkey can do about it. he is then for the rest of December, tormented by the angry spirits of the slain turkeys. But, once new years comes around, the 3 month turkey’s time has run out, and the earth opens up beneath him, swallowing him into the depths of hell, where he is dragged down by the very turkeys he sought to appease. but he now realizes he deserves this, and willing goes into the depths of hell.

That Shouldn’t be There!

For this one, I decided I wanted to change the planets into something else, because, hey, that shouldn’t be there!
I turned Pluto into Nick Nocturne, the host of a Youtube show I like about creepy stories online. I chose Pluto because Pluto is the Roman god of the underworld. I also turned Jupiter into Greg Farshtey, the main writer for Bionicle. He wrote basically the entirety of the Bionicle universe, as well as wrote for it even after the toyline ended. I made him Jupiter for no real reason, but I’m glad I did, because it fits his face perfectly. Then I made Reggie the Sun, because why not.

so apparently I looked at the assignment more closely, and I had to mash up two movie things. oops. well, I already did this, so I’m gonna stick with it.

The Tale of Reggie

war…war never changes

Reggie thought that becoming president of Nintendo of America would free him from the pain and suffering from the war, but alas, the horrors of the great fish packaging wars still haunted him. As he is giving a presentation to nintendo shareholders, he catches the whiff of fish coming from one of the bussinessmen’s lunch. Tuna. Why’d it have to be tuna? suddenly Reggie has a flashback to his time in the war. He sees the fish he is fighting against. he see’s his friends. he hears the sound of gun fire and squishes. he smells the napalm and Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna.
The businessmen keep trying to snap Reggie out of it. He suddenly comes back. It was just a flashback. He’s back in the boardroom. He has a presentation to complete.

Weekly review

I didn’t do much this week. I still dont know how to edit videos. I do most of my editing in real time. I press pause on my videos to get cuts. I dont have any video editing software to put in titles and credits. it treally sucks. but i did a few things not much.

weekly review

Heres some of the things I did this week.

this was a tutorial video that i did with my friend to show you how easy it was to make the perfect swan.

The prompt for this was “six second art”. This was something I just came up with recently when I tried to draw a gorilla. I thought, Gorilla’s have overhanging heads and beady eyes, so yeah. lets call it Harambe.

this was another thing I wanted to share with the world how to draw. In all seriousness, Iv’e had this idea for a video for a while now, but I didn’t execute it exactly as planned. what is supposed to happen was I draw a happy face, it cuts to me, I have a stupid grin on my face, then it cuts back to the happy face, but now it’s a frowny face, then it cuts to me and I have over exaggerated look of disgust on my face, then it cuts to the frowny face, in that instant that it cuts to it, I slam it super hard, and when i take my hand off, its a worried happy face, then it cuts to me, and I have that stupid grin on my face again. but you guys just get the shorter altered version here since I’m not that good with video editing.

On the other videos, I’m not good with video editing, the day i normally set aside for this class got hijacked by a Test I needed to study for, and the only one available needed quicktime to run, and it was overly convoluted and I just got tired of it. Microsoft doesn’t seem to support windows movie maker anymore, which really sucks, since I cant make any type of edited videos without it. everything has to be paused and done in real time.

and so becuase of that, I cannot do the scene editing of the question video. I also cannot do the narrate over a film and pause whenever something important comes up thing of Cinemas Interuptus. as you can see by what i Just said though, I did take the time to read Roger Ebert’s article on frames. one of the things i liked was the idea that somethings have dominance in a scene. objects closer to the camera have more dominance and power than things in the back. light vs dark, contrasting things. its all very interesting. another thing I looked into was some of the videos introduced to us in the course that talked about film techinquess. i learned about a new director, how puting things in the center of the fram can draw the viewers attention, how if you look down at people they are weaklings, but if you look up at them, they are gods, and how some directors use the camera to elicit a response from the audience. its all very interesting stuff, and i am looking forward to hecking out more of this guys stuff.


my twitter memes

also some of the work I worked on this week

I was recommended to xray goggles for mozilla, but i already knew how to edit sites by using f12. i just took funny pictures and stupid titles and voila. my teachers site is now a little more creepy

a cool-ish google draw game. I did this game three times, it always gave me carrot as the first one, but it never guessed it. weird.
I could’ve sworn i did more. huh. well, there weren’t that many in the assignment bank that I found interesting. or wouldn’t need to set up more social media accounts to access, or pay for. so yeah that’s this week doneroony.