Game Design Log Phase 2

What do you want your players to learn? the hardships of being a Christian in China and how the police deals with them. maybe destroying churches.
What is the target age/grade/audience for your game?
to win the player must… survive long enough from the police and spread the good news of Jesus Christ.
medium of game? probably board game or card game, or a mixture of both.
probably a board game with cards that you have to draw at certain intervals, some of these cards will have either bonuses or hardships, but mostly hardships. some of these hardships could include, “according the the CCP, your church was built illegally, tear down a church.” maybe i will have a protest vs force system, kind of like risk. you need more church members to protest the demolition, but the demolition crews are usually more powerful, and can attack at any moment, with some cards being instant demolition cards. maybe have some sort of cards that spin the story to make the government sound better.
i have come back to this at a later date and have narrowed down what I want to do for this game. I am going to make the game Risk revolve around China. the territories n risk will be replaced with the provinces of china. all the rules will remain the same except that there will only be 2 players. it will have 2 colors, red, which represents the communist party, and yellow, which represents the christian church.
Risen Again: China’s Underground Churches

SUPERBETTER better be super: a log of my experience with Superbetter

since I only have time for one week to “gamify” my life, I had better get on that. I decided i would work with super better, a program that is already on my phone and is supposed to make me feel better. lets begin.
Yay. today is the last day of the week, which means I will be going home for the weekend. I opened up super better and did two power ups that i could readily do. i hugged myself and then i chugged a bottle of water. I feel kind of sloggish though, so I guess that did the opposite effect of what it was supposed to.

long day, I couldn’t really do Super Better today. first i woke up and i was told that i had to be ready in a 3 hours to take my family on a tour of the campus. I probably could’ve done Super Better in that time, but i was tired. so once i got ready and took my family on a tour of the campus. then i came back home and i was told to stay downstairs with grandma and stay off my phone, since this was her last full day here. so we had family game night where we played Apples to Apples and Pit.

Didn’t do Super Better today either. I had to work at Sunday School today. It was fun though. I showed the kids there the Ping Pong and hairdryer trick. I didn’t think about Super Better all day, though.

I did Super Better today. I did not do much though. I drank a glass of water again, I got out of my chair. That was about it. I had some stuff to do today.

I had a busy day today with a different Schedule. I decided to just do super better between my FSEM and lunch. I did the same things I usually did. Drank a glass of water, stood out of my chair, and walked around the library. The walk in the library was actually quite therapeutic, as I used the time to just reflect on my day and life. After that, I clicked on quest, but on reflection I don’t think I filled out all the requirements. This is a problem I think I’ll elaborate on.

I didn’t do it today, although I had many chances to. I was worried about asking my Pre-Calc teacher to be a reference for a scholarship I was applying for. I also wanted to focus on my work today, but ultimately I was distracted by NCIS and Property Brothers. I also had a language lab to do late at night. It was a easy day that I didn’t do Super Better on.

Today is the Day it turn it in. I remembered I had to do Super Better in the car, so I drank a small bottle of water, Hugged myself, and all the like. then I was done.

Final Thoughts!
i feel the problem with this type of gamifying my life is that it requires accountability. I have to remember to do it for one thing, and the game doesn’t have anyway of knowing if I do what I say I do. I guess this game would work better for depressed people, as the shiny colors and happy music that plays when you finish a quest would probably cheer someone up a bit. Sometimes, I did feel good after doing some of these though, like walking around the library, but overall this did not really have any affect on me, and I probably wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t part of an assignment.