my twitter memes

also some of the work I worked on this week

I was recommended to xray goggles for mozilla, but i already knew how to edit sites by using f12. i just took funny pictures and stupid titles and voila. my teachers site is now a little more creepy

a cool-ish google draw game. I did this game three times, it always gave me carrot as the first one, but it never guessed it. weird.
I could’ve sworn i did more. huh. well, there weren’t that many in the assignment bank that I found interesting. or wouldn’t need to set up more social media accounts to access, or pay for. so yeah that’s this week doneroony.

Weekly review

that’s about as much as I did in terms of assigments.
I didn’t really get much done this week in terms of assignments
I have sort of been on a vacation high. I need to do better next week. that being said, I did work on the Radio show. I Didn’t write the that much for the show, just a little bit here and there, and I took the role as the police officer in the radio show. did enjoy talking to other people for once in my group in the google doc.
now the reason I didn’t do the audio assignments is I’m out of time and i let time get away from me, but also because a lot of the ones in there are “remixes” and remixes take take a lot of time to produce, and I’m not really musically inclined.


on what I did for the radio show…
I did absolutely nothing, and I am not proud of it. I let time to get away from me and once I wanted to do work, I was expecting a script, and I never met with anyone and i feel like I failed this week. I need to do better this week. I wanted to work on it, but I never got aroun to it, and did not have a chance to meet with anyone. in fact, I have not met anyone in this class. I’m sorry.
but on an unrelated note