I was the ADHD kid in elementary school with no friends who was bullied. So, to escape the soul crushing loneliness, I did what most kids I think do, and retreat into their fantasy world, where everything you love coalesces into a great adventure for you and your imaginary friends. My fantasy world consisted of Pokemon. I came up with my own regions, with their own gym leaders, who I would battle and defeat and become the pokemon master. My favorite region I came up with was the Flagno Region, founded by a great explorer who climbed the highest peak and placed a flag on top. One of the starter Pokemon I came up with was Acornary, the Acorn Bird Pokemon. He was Grass and flying and, while I never finalized its evolutions, I think it would eventually evolve into something called Treeagle.
Acornary was my favorite starter that I came up with. So much so that, once I grew up an outgrew my fantasy world and had to take on the real world, one of the few things that I kept with me was the idea of Acornary, a grass/flying type starter Pokemon.
and now we come to just last year when Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced. As per usual, we would be receiving a trickle of information about the games, new pokemon, new gym leaders, new features, all that jazz. When it came time to reveal the new starter Pokemon, there was a fire cat, a water seal, and…


Here’s my advice to anyone who might be reading this. Never forget where you came from, never forget the struggles you went through, never forget what got you to where you are and who you are today. Always remember the good times you had in those tough times, because you could share your story and or make something out of it. And sometimes, Life has a way of coming full circle.

Pokemon Uranium Review

A word of warning: this review will be written by a long-time Pokemon fan. expect some things to not make sense
Pokemon Uranium is an unofficial and technically illegal Pokemon game. set in the region of Tandor, you embark on your quest to be a Pokemon master, to defeat 8 gym leaders and defeat the elite 4, and possibly collect them all. But as and unofficial Pokemon game, is it any good, as good, or better than current Pokemon games? let’s find out!

unlike most Pokemon games, Pokemon Uranium starts out with a detailed story. after you select your name and genitals like you do at the start of every Pokemon game, you are dropped into a scene with your parents at a nuclear power plant. its just another day on the job, until someone comes in warning everyone that the power plant is going to go critical. Everyone then tries to get out, but your mom, goes in, trying to possibly soothe the reactor. but she fails and the whole reactor goes kaput. then the screen goes black and tells you how everyone dealt with the loss. Your dad dropped you off at your grandma’s house after drowning himself in his work. its a little sad and dark, at least compared to modern day Pokemon games. That’s when you start your Pokemon journey. continuing the motif of professors having plant names (Professor OAK, Professor ELM, Professor BIRCH, etc.) You receive your starter Pokemon from a Professor Bamb’o, which isn’t exactly bamboo, but it’s close enough. with your starter Pokemon under your belt, and after defeating your rival,(who chooses the weaker type this time), you are on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master. Sadly, i haven’t gotten far enough to write a proper review of the story,, so some questions i still don’t know the answer to. will you meet your dad? did your mom actually survive? you’ll find this out and more as you play through Pokemon Uranium
story gets a 2/2 standard Pokemon story

this section of the review is going to get very technical, as it delves deep into how has worked throughout the years. Pokemon Uranium plays like a standard Pokemon game, but takes bits and pieces from across the many Pokemon games. In the overworld, that it outside of battle, the game controls like pre Gen VI games(Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire), where your movement is grid-based and you can only move in the 4 cardinal directions.

The main heart of Pokemon games lies in the Pokemon battles. the battles have the same mechanics they usually do, as in you and your opponent take turns trying to knock out the opponent Pokemon, using moves to alter the battle in certain ways. along with the normal mechanics, this game adds a few new mechanics. This game also adds some new Pokemon, as you would expect from a fan-game, as well as some new evolutions to older Pokemon. The first example of a new evolution that comes to mind is Dunseraph, which is a new evolution of Dunsparce, who has never had an evolution.


One of the cooler things I like about this game is how it plays with tropes that have been common place in Pokemon games for years. the most obvious example is the starter Pokemon, Orchynx, Raptorch, and Eletux.

Raptorch, the one I Chose

in every main-series Pokemon game, the Starter Pokemon evolves 2 times, once at around a 15-18 level mark, and a second time for their final form at around the 36 level mark. I Pokemon Uranium, however, your Pokemon only evolves once at around the 27 level mark.


I kind of like this change, but then they also have mega-evolutions. i find this kind of weird because, if you went to the trouble of designing a Mega-evolution for a Pokemon that only has 1 Evolution, why not just make that the permanent second Evolution? just a thought.

in terms of battles, Pokemon Uranium adds the Fairy type from Gen VI, as well as a whole new type, Nuclear type, which is very similar to shadow type in the Shadow Pokemon Games (Colosseum and XD) work, in that it is a sub-type whose moves are super-effective on ordinary Pokemon, but not so good at their own type and Steel types. since most Nuclear Pokemon are corrupted and acts more like a sub-type, They have the same weaknesses as their other type they already have. another addition to this game is Mega-Evolutions, Which was also introduced in Gen IV. at any point of a battle, you may mega evolve a Pokemon whose Mega-Evolution stone you have already. This mega-evolution gives the Pokemon stat increases, may change it’s type, and last for the duration of the battle.
Other than that, there isn’t very many other additions to the Pokemon Battle system, which is still fun to me and veteran Pokemon Fans
Gameplay gets a 2/2 still good, with a couple new additions.

the Presentation in this game is uses a combination of the look of a couple of Pokemon Games. The overworld and GUI looks like a Gen V game (Pokemon Black and White, Black 2 and White 2) without all the fancy 3-d effects, which makes this game feel like a better looking Gen III game (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green), which was on the Game boy advance. Many of the assets were taken or copied over from the Gen V games, such as the sprites and sound-effects. another thing that adds to the Game boy feel of this game is the fact that the Pokemon sprites don’t move at all, not when they enter battle, not during battle, nothing. this is similar to how they acted in the the normal Gen III games. Speaking of Pokemon, The New Pokemon (or “Fakemon”, as the fandom calls them) Themselves, I will admit, don’t really look “Pokemon-esque” enough in-game to fit my tastes. The Pokemon look a lot better in their official art than they do in game, in my honest opinion. so, the graphics, i’d say, do their job, but i wish they were a little better
Graphics get a 1/2 good, but could be better.

Like I think I said in my Metroid Prime Review, I’m not really a music guy. That being said, I think I should comment on the music. i have not played the whole game, so I cannot really speak for the quality of the game’s music as a whole, but I will say that from what I have listened to, it is pretty good. It does help that alot of the music is mashups of other Pokemon game music. I also detected similar motifs in some towns or cities to other Pokemon games. Special mention goes to Kevlar Town’s music, which reminds me so much of Agate Village’s music, a town which is in one of my favorite Pokemon games. Similar to how the game looks like a Gen V game, it also sounds like one too. some of the sound effects, like the menu opening sound, are taken directly from Black and White.
Some of the few complaints i have with this game, unfortunately have to do with it’s sound. First off, there are the Pokemon cries. Pokemon make a unique sound whenever some kind of even happens that pertains to them, whether it be entering a battle, opening up its stat summary in your party menu. Having been a long time Pokemon fan, I can recognize a few Pokemon sounds that have been re-used for new Pokemon. the most obvious (obvious for a Pokemon fan, that is) example is Tonemy.
Tonemy is one of my least favorite Pokemon in this game for a lot of reasons. one of them is that it reuses Zubat’s cry. This whole game is brand new, an I would have appreciated it if they came up with new cries for all the new Pokemon, but some of them don’t gt that treatment. I get that Tonemy is supposed to be the annoying cave Pokemon like Zubat was, but I would have preferred a new sound all together.
another one of the problems i have with the sound is some of them are missing. It’s sort of a case of you don’t miss it till it’s gone. Whenever you heal a Pokemon with a Potion or an status healing item in a normal Pokemon game, it plays a little sound that confirms that you healed Pokemon. This sound is helpful to me, since I don’t rellly want to waste all my potions, so I know that I healed them, and wont accidently use up a item a second time. since this sound is missing, I feel a little awkward trying to heal my Pokemon, since I dont want to accidently use it a second time, or waste it on another Pokemon.
Overall the sound is Pretty good, it could use some work though.
Sound gets a 1.5/2

Overall, I am having fun with this game, like I would most other Pokemon games. However, I am kind of stuck right now. the next big battles I have t do are the second Gym. in place of one-type Specialty gyms, Tandor’s Gym Leaders follow a theme instead. The second Gym’s Theme is Caves, which have Rock-type, Ground-type, and Poison Type. Rock and Ground-Type aren’t really an issue for me, but what is an issue is the Poison types. Poison-types 2 main weaknesses are ground and psychic. however, the main poison type in this gym, Tonemy, Has the ability Levitate, which makes ground type moves ineffective. since my ground types are out of the picture when fighting Tonemy, my best bet would be to use a Psychic type. however, there doesn’t seem to be any psychic types around. however this just seems like a personal problem.
On the subject of Replay-ability, like all Pokemon games, Pokemon Uranium is very Re-playable. go back, see what you can do better, and catch them all if you can.
That’s how these games work.
I give the Fun a 2/2
Final Thoughts
Pokemon Uranium is a standard Pokemon game, that has a few twists on the formula. if you area a veteran pokemon player and are looking for a good time, i would definitley recommend Pokemon Uranium
I give Pokemon Uranium a 8.5/10 a great game