Weekly Review

Daily Creates

This week was really fun for me. I got to experiment for the first time with editing sound and creating a story entirely through sound. I also got to sound like a complete idiot in one of them, which is always fun for me. I also participated in listening to ds106radio one night and I was so excited I tweeted all my friends about it.

I was really interested in the story that was playing on the radio, which was about a man who could talk with a pig through the use of special implant in the brain. Unfortunately, our fun was interrupted by, I suspect, The North Koreans. see above tweet for why. Tweeting about the story was pretty fun, but I think I might have missed the point of the exercise. Looking at my other friends doing the assignment, they seemed to be focused on the music and sound design.
Which leads me nicely into my next topic of sound design. Sound design in any phonic medium is essential to telling any story. try listening to a movie with no sound. Music has always been used to set the mood or the feel of a certain scene. Video games have this too, though some of it is usually just ambiance. Even before this course, I understood the importance of sound in any medium. Entertainment is basically lost without its oldest manifestation (music and sound). It also helps to have really clear sounds to truly understand what is going on. Like a door slamming, or feet running on the ground.

Overall, my experience with this week was a great one, and I think I might fool around with audacity more in the future.

Photo Reflection

I never really thought about it until now but I guess I somewhat envy the humble professional photographer. The best of these have the ability to look at the world from a certain perspective, capture that moment forever, and are able to tell a story without any words. Meanwhile, I just sit in my room, take pictures of my drawings or my toys arranged in certain ways, and send them off to my friends on instant messaging. The only meaning i usually try to convey in my photos is either “I want to impress you” or “weird”. My ds106 class recently assigned me with reading about ten things to look out for to be a better photographer. I think I’ll give my thoughts on each in order, as well as showing how a good movie does it, then how I do it.

1. Get pickier.
This tips was just saying that you should pre-compose things in your mind more before you take your shot. luckily, I feel I already do this to an extent. I like to ask to myself, “what do I want to photograph?” “what will make my friends laugh?” that’s usually what I start with, and then I look around my room for something that could work.

I had a bunch of ducks, so I took a picture of them because I thought it was funny that I had a bunch of ducks. N’uff said.

I like the Idea of Juxtaposition. taking two things contrary to each other in terms of color, like red and green, or nature, like fire and ice, tall and short, nature and manufactured. I don’t really put that in my photographs. maybe I should start.
Don’t have anything for ya.

3.change perspective
what I took from this was “try something new and look at the world from a different view”. so I did.

I got down on the ground and I took a shot of the moon, a tree, and a lamp. I am really proud of this shot. i had to get everything in perspective.

4.create depth
look for ways to give my 2-d image to have the feeling of depth\

This image from spykids shows us how to give us the illusion of depth on the big screen. just put something in front of our characters and you’ll be good.

5.Get balanced, scrub!
rule of thirds, invest in a tripod. Got it.

I think this shot conveys balance because it’s basically symmetrical with the sides of the car perfectly aligned with the screen.

6.pay attention to the moment
slow down, take it in, and wait for the right moment.

a nice touching family moment, where the whole cast comes together as a family. I like that.

7.look to the light
I never really paid attention to the light. I only cared about light in a picture if I could see what I taking a picture of. Now I kind of understand that good lighting can drastically change how something looks. Just look at IKEA showrooms and there well lit furniture!

Don’t you wanna buy all that?

I just like the lighting in this shot. It gets everything we need to see lit, and it also has a gloomy feel to it, since this is the bad guy’s lair.
8.Use the best lens.
Can’t. I have a phone and I don’t photograph professionally.

9. ~A E S T H E T I C S~

Is this just fancy effects? blurring and stuff like that? I can already do that! And I don’t even need a program to do it!

10.Put a great background behind a great foreground.
well, duh…

As for Spy Kids, this is a very interesting background, considering it is Floop’s castle. because of that, you have a very interesting background in front of a mildly interesting foreground, where the Cortes family is getting ready to fight the oncoming horde of robot children.

These were all the examples I could find of The different tips from the reading in Spy Kids.
hope you enjoyed Me and Spy Kids’ SHOT at photography.
Get it?

Visual Assignment#1

This is my First Visual Assignment. The task was to make on of those pictures with a quote from a famous fictional character and make everything about the picture wrong. like this…

I’m supposed to detail my thought process for coming up with this fantastc work of art, but I think it’s pretty self-explanitory.
So I used agent 47 from the Hitman movie, and I gave him a quote from Austin Powers, finally, I attributed the Quote to everyone’s favorite, Steet-wise secret agent, Agent Moon Moon

Daily Create Challenge Post 2: 2-4-1 SPECIAL!!!

Yesterday, I forgot to post about my daily create challenge, so today will be a 2-for-1 special.
Wednesday’s Daily Create Challenge was to create a book title using other book Titles.

I really wanted to make something funny. My initial goal was to make something like “Harry Potter and Calculus 1” and just get it over with, but I didn’t know where the Harry Potter books were, but I had a guess as to where they might be. In my Basement are a lot of books, so it would be pretty safe to assume I would find it down there, and if I didn’t, I would be able to find something good. And boy did I find something good.

Once I found this, everything else just fell into place. I figured all I needed to do was find a subject and an verb object and I would be golden. and what I came up with is…

What I’m most proud of is the fact that some people actually liked it and found it funny.

This makes me feel super happy, as I had a fear that I wouldn’t be getting much feedback from an online class. Thankfully, my experience so far has shown me that that is not the case. I am really grateful for this, because this means people are seeing my content and I want to put my best foot forward.

Thursday’s (today’s) Daily create was to use one of those random name generators to create an agent name and then draw a picture of said agent.

Again, my goal was to make people laugh.
so I went onto the website that is linked in the tweet and it asks for your gender and name. I put in my name and I got “Agent White Russian”. I found this kind of funny because the name in the example is “Agent Black Russian”. I’d like to Think that Agent Black Russian is the Opposite of Agent White Russian, like some sort of doppelganger or some sort of rogue agent that is the dark counterpart of equal measure to Agent White Russian. like a dark version of the hero, similar to Shadow Mario, Dark Samus, or Dark Riders.

Designing Agent White Russian was easy, since I decided that I would make him some sort of Russian. I gave him a hat for cold weather on it, with a hammer and sickle on it, a fur coat along with boots and gloves to withstand the cold weather, and a non-descriptive alcoholic beverage (probably Vodka). I also gave him shades and a tie, because he is a professional secret agent after all. I needed to show he was a good secret agent, so I gave him a gun and a target to shoot at. The gun also has a scope, so he is very accurate.

I was about to send in my drawing when I noticed one of the other students agents had a snail for a partner.

I said to myself, “I want my Agent to have a Partner too” so, in keeping with the theme of cold weather and random name generators based on your name, I gave my agent the best wolf partner in the agency.

I also decided I wanted to give a little thanks to the person who inspired me for Agent Moon Moon.

And in case you are wondering, that is a gun taped to the side of his shell.