this assignment has me making a cipher, but instead of just matching some letters to other letters and calling it a day, I decided to go a little deeper.

Tada! I call it the “Tri-cipher” or maybe the “Potter Cipher”. The basic gist of it is that every 3 letters uses a different cipher. So here is an example:
the word “memes” has five letters, so we count that out as
so for the first letter “M” we use the corresponding letter in the first cipher “N”. then for the second letter we use the corresponding letter in the 2 cipher “Q” ad etc.
so MEMES becomes NQNAF. Also, if there are two words, then you continue and discount the space in between
so MEMES BE DANK goes as 12312 31 2312, so it translates as NQNAF XA GZMO. Pretty cool, right.
see if you can figure this one out

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