Daily Create Challenge Post 2: 2-4-1 SPECIAL!!!

Yesterday, I forgot to post about my daily create challenge, so today will be a 2-for-1 special.
Wednesday’s Daily Create Challenge was to create a book title using other book Titles.

I really wanted to make something funny. My initial goal was to make something like “Harry Potter and Calculus 1” and just get it over with, but I didn’t know where the Harry Potter books were, but I had a guess as to where they might be. In my Basement are a lot of books, so it would be pretty safe to assume I would find it down there, and if I didn’t, I would be able to find something good. And boy did I find something good.

Once I found this, everything else just fell into place. I figured all I needed to do was find a subject and an verb object and I would be golden. and what I came up with is…

What I’m most proud of is the fact that some people actually liked it and found it funny.

This makes me feel super happy, as I had a fear that I wouldn’t be getting much feedback from an online class. Thankfully, my experience so far has shown me that that is not the case. I am really grateful for this, because this means people are seeing my content and I want to put my best foot forward.

Thursday’s (today’s) Daily create was to use one of those random name generators to create an agent name and then draw a picture of said agent.

Again, my goal was to make people laugh.
so I went onto the website that is linked in the tweet and it asks for your gender and name. I put in my name and I got “Agent White Russian”. I found this kind of funny because the name in the example is “Agent Black Russian”. I’d like to Think that Agent Black Russian is the Opposite of Agent White Russian, like some sort of doppelganger or some sort of rogue agent that is the dark counterpart of equal measure to Agent White Russian. like a dark version of the hero, similar to Shadow Mario, Dark Samus, or Dark Riders.

Designing Agent White Russian was easy, since I decided that I would make him some sort of Russian. I gave him a hat for cold weather on it, with a hammer and sickle on it, a fur coat along with boots and gloves to withstand the cold weather, and a non-descriptive alcoholic beverage (probably Vodka). I also gave him shades and a tie, because he is a professional secret agent after all. I needed to show he was a good secret agent, so I gave him a gun and a target to shoot at. The gun also has a scope, so he is very accurate.

I was about to send in my drawing when I noticed one of the other students agents had a snail for a partner.

I said to myself, “I want my Agent to have a Partner too” so, in keeping with the theme of cold weather and random name generators based on your name, I gave my agent the best wolf partner in the agency.

I also decided I wanted to give a little thanks to the person who inspired me for Agent Moon Moon.

And in case you are wondering, that is a gun taped to the side of his shell.

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