Spy Journal

A day in the life of a spy



today was the day to stake out the joint. but I needed to get out of my room for that to happen. I got out of my bed, got ready for the day as i would any other day, by taking a shower, and getting dressed in the most casual clothes, but not too casual as to draw attention to myself. I went to the lobby of the hotel I was staying at, 25 miles away from my target. this place was chosen so as to not raise suspicion by living nearby. I went into the breakfast area and at some fancy egg tarts. After finishing my food I went outside to the chauffeur who was waiting for me. i got in the back and, too my surprise, there was my boss. I got and asked her “what are you doing here?” she just gave me the daily paper and said “Read that.” I looked and I saw the story she was talking about. It was about one of my botched missions that got reported on. “This was supposed to be a quiet job, but now with this in the press, they are bound to be more suspicious.” “I won’t fail you” I told her. “you better not.” A bit later we arrived at the rendezvous point where i would take a bus into the city. Once i arrived at the station, I went into a library where, in a private study, I would find my equipment. a Mission briefing (in case I somehow forgot), a some note pads, some pencils, shades (government issued), a secret camera, some film, and of course, my gun, in case things go south. Today was going to be a long day.

About noon I was getting hungry, so I went out to get some lunch. 2 Cheeseburgers and some fries. Don’t judge me. and was sitting down and enjoying my meal when all of a sudden, my target walked in. Francisco Toniano, Crime boss and head of the Mariua Mafia. I made sure i was as incognito as possible, didn’t want him to notice me, not yet. that would blow the operation. I watched him for over an hour. all he did was eat his food. nobody showed up, nobody did anything, he didn’t even have any guards. how boring. once he finished his food, he got up and walked out. I had decided to get up and tail him, and he was heading to the building that was where the big meeting between crime bosses was going on. Trinkle Warehouse. here we go.

I finally got out of there. the meet up of all the crime bosses was pure chaos. they must have been tipped of by the news because they all tslked using confusing code words and language terms that they probably talked about before hand. thats what blew my cover. they realized that i was confused, and hat must’ve tipped them off. luckilyi had more than enough notes taken down to somehow piece together what they were talking about. there was a scuffle, punches, and kicks, and i heard a gunshot. but I got out of there as fast as possible and made it back to my escape bus. the coast is now clear, and now i can start working on decoding these notes.

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