The Tale of Reggie

war…war never changes

Reggie thought that becoming president of Nintendo of America would free him from the pain and suffering from the war, but alas, the horrors of the great fish packaging wars still haunted him. As he is giving a presentation to nintendo shareholders, he catches the whiff of fish coming from one of the bussinessmen’s lunch. Tuna. Why’d it have to be tuna? suddenly Reggie has a flashback to his time in the war. He sees the fish he is fighting against. he see’s his friends. he hears the sound of gun fire and squishes. he smells the napalm and Tuna. Tuna. Tuna. Tuna.
The businessmen keep trying to snap Reggie out of it. He suddenly comes back. It was just a flashback. He’s back in the boardroom. He has a presentation to complete.

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