Weekly Review 3: Revenge of the Agent Smith

This week marks the third week of Mission 106, and I am still having fun. I had to do 3 more daily missions, write a dossier on a character of your creation, and watch a spy movie. This week’s portion of the mission was kind of easy. so lets review what I did.
First, there was the daily Creates
the first one I did was to design your dream toilet bowl.

For some reason, I had The Martian on the mind, so I made a toilet based around the potato growing part of the book

Sadly I forgot to put the daily create “#”, and I only realized my mistake after I posted it. A concerned agent asked my why I didn’t repost it, so I gave him the only reasonable answer.

The next daily create was to reply with your ideal data gathering device.

This one I actually took seriously

I think it would be cool to see a graph of that all laid out like that.

The third daily create was to post a picture with blur in it

Luckily, I had a picture of an elusive creature from my many travels as a secret agent.


The next thing I had to do was to write a dossier on someone, anyone, of my own choosing. So I decided to Write one up in Dennis the Janitor, who cleans up around the DS106 headquarters. He is an old man who has gone a little senile over the years. He’s very cranky, and would probably have been let go a long time ago, but since he has such high security clearance, seeing as he needs to clean every room, he’s seen things and knows things very few people know.

Finally, I was tasked with watching a Spy movie of my choosing from a pre-approved list. There some good ones, but the only one that truly garnered my attention was one from a trilogy of movies that garnered endless attention from me as a child. That movie was… Spy Kids!

I always loved Spy Kids, and watching it again felt like a trip down memory lane. There were the two spy parents, Carmen and Juni Cortez on a mission to save their parents and stop Floop (really Minion (or MR. Minion as he’s knon as later in the film)) from taking over the world (OF COURSE). what I really take away from many of these different spy movies is usually the cool gadgets, from get smart to spy kids, I’m mostly intrigued by the cool spy gadgets in them. there was the cool insta-cook microwave in the island scene, the cool electric gum used on robots, the worlds smallest camera, the jetpacks, the mini-plane, all the cool stuff. I personally like the gadgets in Spy Kids 2 better. so in conclusion, my favorite part of spy movies is the gadgets.

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