weekly review

Heres some of the things I did this week.

this was a tutorial video that i did with my friend to show you how easy it was to make the perfect swan.

The prompt for this was “six second art”. This was something I just came up with recently when I tried to draw a gorilla. I thought, Gorilla’s have overhanging heads and beady eyes, so yeah. lets call it Harambe.

this was another thing I wanted to share with the world how to draw. In all seriousness, Iv’e had this idea for a video for a while now, but I didn’t execute it exactly as planned. what is supposed to happen was I draw a happy face, it cuts to me, I have a stupid grin on my face, then it cuts back to the happy face, but now it’s a frowny face, then it cuts to me and I have over exaggerated look of disgust on my face, then it cuts to the frowny face, in that instant that it cuts to it, I slam it super hard, and when i take my hand off, its a worried happy face, then it cuts to me, and I have that stupid grin on my face again. but you guys just get the shorter altered version here since I’m not that good with video editing.

On the other videos, I’m not good with video editing, the day i normally set aside for this class got hijacked by a Test I needed to study for, and the only one available needed quicktime to run, and it was overly convoluted and I just got tired of it. Microsoft doesn’t seem to support windows movie maker anymore, which really sucks, since I cant make any type of edited videos without it. everything has to be paused and done in real time.

and so becuase of that, I cannot do the scene editing of the question video. I also cannot do the narrate over a film and pause whenever something important comes up thing of Cinemas Interuptus. as you can see by what i Just said though, I did take the time to read Roger Ebert’s article on frames. one of the things i liked was the idea that somethings have dominance in a scene. objects closer to the camera have more dominance and power than things in the back. light vs dark, contrasting things. its all very interesting. another thing I looked into was some of the videos introduced to us in the course that talked about film techinquess. i learned about a new director, how puting things in the center of the fram can draw the viewers attention, how if you look down at people they are weaklings, but if you look up at them, they are gods, and how some directors use the camera to elicit a response from the audience. its all very interesting stuff, and i am looking forward to hecking out more of this guys stuff.

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