weekly summary

This is bad.
This is very bad.
The Directorate are on campus
They are here to undermine Ds106. they have recruited a couple people to their cause.
at least, that is what they told me. yes, they contacted me. They tried to recruit me. I had to play a long when I was contacted via a chat room.

This is bad.
They have Proffessor bond. Possibly. they could be fibbing. It’s actually what he said about feathers that has got me riled up. If he’s talking about who I think he’s talking about, then this is some serious business. It could be my old nemesis.

I had to make sure for certain. I interviewed a couple people. I got nothing till I got word that there was a member of The Directorate, a double agent. I closed in on him and beat him up and interrogated him the only way I knew how, batman style.

After that I located where he said the shack was and brought my invisible recording drone with me in case I got caught. Then I got clobbered on the head, blacked out. When I awoke, I Was face to face with…Him.

He has been the bane of my existence for many, many years. I should’ve known it was him in charge of the directorate, and something tells me this whole thing was a trick to get me out here. they kidnapped Professor bond to get me out here to face my old nemesis. It all leads up to this. the many years of torment, the many friends I lost to this thing, all of it flashes through my head as I face down this man. He’s in the middle of giving a stupid monologue about how he caught me and how he’s so much better than me, so much smarter than me. I’m not listening. I just have on thing going through my mind: I’m going to punch the frick out of that chicken.

As he’s in the middle of his dumb spiel, I send my fist through his stupid face. with a grunt, he goes flying across the room, he tries to get up, and I rained down blows upon him. As I’m punching him I’m screaming, ORA ORA ORA and with one last spurt of blood coming out of his beak, I know he is dead. I stood up, out of breath. I had done it. I had finally done it. I defeated my arch nemesis. now it was time to find Professor bond. I looked around and I saw a door. I opened it up and inside was a room with a big hole in the back, leading to the outside world. In the very center of the room was a note that read:
Don’t lock up an agent of Ds106, Sincerely, Agent Bond
P.s. If you are reading this to rescue me, good job, but you took too long. Don’t expect anything grade wise.

Well, with that out of the way, I exited the small shack, made my way back to the last place I left my computer and wrote up this report for my final project.

This one was a lot of fun.
I had the Mr. Puffychicken video queued up since the beginning of the semester, i just never had a use for it. thinking of a way to make a whole story out of an assignment was pretty fun, too. The biggest struggle with this entire assignment was the fact that my computer doesn’t come with a video editing software, and I only just found out that the computers on campus have move maker, which was great for me. I have been having computer troubles lately, and it is really annoying. the computer in the HCC was very slow, my computer won’t turn off right, and I’m just freaking out because of all these computer problems. I also had some problems with the voice recording because I was very self conscious about shouting stupid things in public. so I had to wait until night time to do it. with that, I feel like I am almost completely done with this Course and almost done with Freshmen year of college.

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