Scrap Garden: the Day Before Review

I really don’t like this game. Well, that’s done. short review. Alas as much as I just want to end it here, I have to explain why I do not like Scrap Garden: The Day Before. Scrap Garden: The Day Before is a free prequel/Demo for Scrap Garden, a Game on steam that costs money. If the intent of a demo is to show me what the full game will be like when I buy it and that is supposed to make me want to buy the full product, then I want nothing to do with a poorly done, crashing product. let’s just review this thing.

The story of the game is that a bot, name C4N, known to his friends as Canny, is called one day on a TV and told that the city’s water supply base is malfunctioning and they can’t contact the engineer, so they contacted you to go find out what is going on. So begins your journey out you door, down the street, into the sewers, and into a cave to find out that the engineer was eaten by a giant naked mole rat. oh, spoilers. sorry. I don’t care. So it’s your job to defeat the giant Mole rat, and that’s the end of the prequel/demo. as far as stories go, it’s okay. nothing too extraordinary.
I give story 1/2.
There are two modes of gameplay in this game, outdoors and indoor. when you are indoors, which is where most of the game takes place, you control Canny from a side view, like a Super Mario Brother game. when indoors, the controls are fine. but where the main bulk of the problems with this game come is from the outdoors sections. When you are in outdoors sections, like the city and the cave with the mole rat, you move move with a third person camera control. The way it is implemented is the real problem, since when you move the camera, your character doesn’t move with you, and when you try to turn left or right, you instead turn and move in that direction at the same time, making positioning for a jump really annoying. Oh, and there’s platforming, in a floaty 3D platformer. Another thing you need to do in this game is collect screws and bolts, some of which you get from boxes. First off, someone thought it was a good idea to set the use key to “F”, not “E”, “F”. Why did they do that? I am not used to “F” being a use key, it seems unnatural to me. second, when you throw boxes bolts stay in place where you threw the box, sometimes clipping into the wall you threw them against. I myself haven’t come across a problem where i cant get a screw, but that seems a little weird having them clip inside the wall. they also just float there, sou if you threw it a little high, you are going to have to jump up to get those screws. this control scheme, i imagine, would get really weird when you go up against the naked mole rat. I say “imagined” since I haven’t gotten to that point because the platforming is a little floaty and, most importantly, the game keeps crashing on me. I have a brand new computer, too, so it makes me a little upset when a game crashes on it. repeatedly.
I give Gameplay a 0.5/2 needs work

The Graphics and overall presentation of the game is nothing to write home about. it looks like they used pre-made assets to build the city, which is fine I guess. the robots, however, look nice, although a little simple. they all have a sort of cylindrical shape somewhere in their body, which makes calling one particular robot “canny” a little confusing. theres also some original art i have seen when it comes to a teenage mutant ninja turtle Easter egg. but ovrall everything does it’s job. nothing more.
I give Graphics a 1/2 standard

The sound in this game is okay too. robot noises with beeps and boops abound whenever they “talk”, although there are two people that talk in this game, the narrator, who has a nice voice, and the robot that calls you, who has a filter over his voice. there’s also some nice ambiance music. nothing special. also the sound that plays when you collect a screw is pleasent to my ears. that’s it.
I give Sound 1.5/2 okay

I didn’t really have fun with this game, mostly because it kept crashing on me. If it didn’t crash on me all the time, I would honestly say it was okay. Just okay. As far as replayability goes, I certainly had to replay it a lot of times, since it kept crashing on me, for whatever that is worth. I’d say if I got to the naked Mole Rat section and had to put up with it’s attacks with the controls I was given, I would think that I would not have enjoyed myself. I really don’t like being a downer, because I know someone or some people took time out of their lives to make this, and for me to say that I don’t like it, to me, says that I don’t what you did, or I don’t appreciate the time and effort it took for you to make this game. I truly wish this was a little better so I wouldn’t feel so bad about criticizing it. But the fact remains that this just isn’t a good game, and I did not have fun with it.
I give Fun a 0.5/2

Final Thoughts
Scrap Garden: The Day Before is, to me, a broken game that could be a lot better if it just fixed its controls and optimization. if you can get it running, I’d say you will be mildly amused by what you play, but overall, it is not something I want to return to. If this game is any indication of what the full product like, I don’t want anything to do with it.

I give Scrap Garden: The Day Before a 4.5/10

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