Visual Assignment#1

This is my First Visual Assignment. The task was to make on of those pictures with a quote from a famous fictional character and make everything about the picture wrong. like this…

I’m supposed to detail my thought process for coming up with this fantastc work of art, but I think it’s pretty self-explanitory.
So I used agent 47 from the Hitman movie, and I gave him a quote from Austin Powers, finally, I attributed the Quote to everyone’s favorite, Steet-wise secret agent, Agent Moon Moon

Weekly Review 3: Revenge of the Agent Smith

This week marks the third week of Mission 106, and I am still having fun. I had to do 3 more daily missions, write a dossier on a character of your creation, and watch a spy movie. This week’s portion of the mission was kind of easy. so lets review what I did.
First, there was the daily Creates
the first one I did was to design your dream toilet bowl.

For some reason, I had The Martian on the mind, so I made a toilet based around the potato growing part of the book

Sadly I forgot to put the daily create “#”, and I only realized my mistake after I posted it. A concerned agent asked my why I didn’t repost it, so I gave him the only reasonable answer.

The next daily create was to reply with your ideal data gathering device.

This one I actually took seriously

I think it would be cool to see a graph of that all laid out like that.

The third daily create was to post a picture with blur in it

Luckily, I had a picture of an elusive creature from my many travels as a secret agent.


The next thing I had to do was to write a dossier on someone, anyone, of my own choosing. So I decided to Write one up in Dennis the Janitor, who cleans up around the DS106 headquarters. He is an old man who has gone a little senile over the years. He’s very cranky, and would probably have been let go a long time ago, but since he has such high security clearance, seeing as he needs to clean every room, he’s seen things and knows things very few people know.

Finally, I was tasked with watching a Spy movie of my choosing from a pre-approved list. There some good ones, but the only one that truly garnered my attention was one from a trilogy of movies that garnered endless attention from me as a child. That movie was… Spy Kids!

I always loved Spy Kids, and watching it again felt like a trip down memory lane. There were the two spy parents, Carmen and Juni Cortez on a mission to save their parents and stop Floop (really Minion (or MR. Minion as he’s knon as later in the film)) from taking over the world (OF COURSE). what I really take away from many of these different spy movies is usually the cool gadgets, from get smart to spy kids, I’m mostly intrigued by the cool spy gadgets in them. there was the cool insta-cook microwave in the island scene, the cool electric gum used on robots, the worlds smallest camera, the jetpacks, the mini-plane, all the cool stuff. I personally like the gadgets in Spy Kids 2 better. so in conclusion, my favorite part of spy movies is the gadgets.

Weekly summary 2

Ive never been one of the better agents here. i usually get started on my mission around half way through the week, and then run out of time to do everything. I’ll never know why agent bond keeps me around. anyway, like I said, i saw I had unfinished work on my dossier, daily creates, and three assignments. i have already detailed how i have don the daily creates in previous posts, but what really pushed me was the feedback from my fellow agents, most of which was positive, even agent bond likes some of my work. which usually gets me down when i realize i havent been able to manage my time wisely and am only able to deliver unfinished and subpar work for this week. next week i pln onn doing better by starting earlier. agent potter, signing out.
p.s. something big might be coming. emphasis on might. completely unrelated to college. just something ive been working on.

Spy Journal

A day in the life of a spy



today was the day to stake out the joint. but I needed to get out of my room for that to happen. I got out of my bed, got ready for the day as i would any other day, by taking a shower, and getting dressed in the most casual clothes, but not too casual as to draw attention to myself. I went to the lobby of the hotel I was staying at, 25 miles away from my target. this place was chosen so as to not raise suspicion by living nearby. I went into the breakfast area and at some fancy egg tarts. After finishing my food I went outside to the chauffeur who was waiting for me. i got in the back and, too my surprise, there was my boss. I got and asked her “what are you doing here?” she just gave me the daily paper and said “Read that.” I looked and I saw the story she was talking about. It was about one of my botched missions that got reported on. “This was supposed to be a quiet job, but now with this in the press, they are bound to be more suspicious.” “I won’t fail you” I told her. “you better not.” A bit later we arrived at the rendezvous point where i would take a bus into the city. Once i arrived at the station, I went into a library where, in a private study, I would find my equipment. a Mission briefing (in case I somehow forgot), a some note pads, some pencils, shades (government issued), a secret camera, some film, and of course, my gun, in case things go south. Today was going to be a long day.

About noon I was getting hungry, so I went out to get some lunch. 2 Cheeseburgers and some fries. Don’t judge me. and was sitting down and enjoying my meal when all of a sudden, my target walked in. Francisco Toniano, Crime boss and head of the Mariua Mafia. I made sure i was as incognito as possible, didn’t want him to notice me, not yet. that would blow the operation. I watched him for over an hour. all he did was eat his food. nobody showed up, nobody did anything, he didn’t even have any guards. how boring. once he finished his food, he got up and walked out. I had decided to get up and tail him, and he was heading to the building that was where the big meeting between crime bosses was going on. Trinkle Warehouse. here we go.

I finally got out of there. the meet up of all the crime bosses was pure chaos. they must have been tipped of by the news because they all tslked using confusing code words and language terms that they probably talked about before hand. thats what blew my cover. they realized that i was confused, and hat must’ve tipped them off. luckilyi had more than enough notes taken down to somehow piece together what they were talking about. there was a scuffle, punches, and kicks, and i heard a gunshot. but I got out of there as fast as possible and made it back to my escape bus. the coast is now clear, and now i can start working on decoding these notes.

Fan fic assignment

I have to do 3 assignments before the week is over, so i feel like I’m crunching for time. this one is a fan fic assignment where I must either write or draw a scene with my character meeting my favorite historical figure. so i present to you, at the climax of an epic battle, when all hope seems lost, I call upon the power of Nikola Tesla, and suddenly the sky grows dark, it starts to rain, and a flash of lightning appears. and in the roll of thunder, descending from on high is Nikola Tesla, Descending upon the earth below, being carried by pigeons. he touches down and with one clap of his hand, electricity shoots out of everywhere and destroys the invading army. the day is saved and Nikola Tesla ascends back up to the heavens, again carried by his pigeons.

my thought process is as follows:
I’m Cruched for time, Who is my favorite Historcal Figure?
Nikola Tesla
How do I want to meet him?
I want him to have a grand entrance descending from the heavens being carried by pigeons.
that’s it.

Daily Create Challenge Post 2: 2-4-1 SPECIAL!!!

Yesterday, I forgot to post about my daily create challenge, so today will be a 2-for-1 special.
Wednesday’s Daily Create Challenge was to create a book title using other book Titles.

I really wanted to make something funny. My initial goal was to make something like “Harry Potter and Calculus 1” and just get it over with, but I didn’t know where the Harry Potter books were, but I had a guess as to where they might be. In my Basement are a lot of books, so it would be pretty safe to assume I would find it down there, and if I didn’t, I would be able to find something good. And boy did I find something good.

Once I found this, everything else just fell into place. I figured all I needed to do was find a subject and an verb object and I would be golden. and what I came up with is…

What I’m most proud of is the fact that some people actually liked it and found it funny.

This makes me feel super happy, as I had a fear that I wouldn’t be getting much feedback from an online class. Thankfully, my experience so far has shown me that that is not the case. I am really grateful for this, because this means people are seeing my content and I want to put my best foot forward.

Thursday’s (today’s) Daily create was to use one of those random name generators to create an agent name and then draw a picture of said agent.

Again, my goal was to make people laugh.
so I went onto the website that is linked in the tweet and it asks for your gender and name. I put in my name and I got “Agent White Russian”. I found this kind of funny because the name in the example is “Agent Black Russian”. I’d like to Think that Agent Black Russian is the Opposite of Agent White Russian, like some sort of doppelganger or some sort of rogue agent that is the dark counterpart of equal measure to Agent White Russian. like a dark version of the hero, similar to Shadow Mario, Dark Samus, or Dark Riders.

Designing Agent White Russian was easy, since I decided that I would make him some sort of Russian. I gave him a hat for cold weather on it, with a hammer and sickle on it, a fur coat along with boots and gloves to withstand the cold weather, and a non-descriptive alcoholic beverage (probably Vodka). I also gave him shades and a tie, because he is a professional secret agent after all. I needed to show he was a good secret agent, so I gave him a gun and a target to shoot at. The gun also has a scope, so he is very accurate.

I was about to send in my drawing when I noticed one of the other students agents had a snail for a partner.

I said to myself, “I want my Agent to have a Partner too” so, in keeping with the theme of cold weather and random name generators based on your name, I gave my agent the best wolf partner in the agency.

I also decided I wanted to give a little thanks to the person who inspired me for Agent Moon Moon.

And in case you are wondering, that is a gun taped to the side of his shell.

Daily Create 1

as part of Week 2 of my Digital Storytelling Course, I have to do something called a daily create, which is a twitter account that tweets creative prompts and you are supposed to reply to it. today’s prompt was:

so I did. In the link, it supplies a toolbar that you can use whenever you are watching a video to put the whole thing in storyboard format. when you pul it up while watching a video it becomes…

This helped treat someone’s cancer, btw.

the prompt did say I had to print it out, but I cannot use the printers on campus right now, so i’ll have to wait till i get home. i guess I’ll see you tomorrow.
proof i did it

weekly summary 1

as part of my digital storytelling class in college, i am tasked with having to write a weekly summary. and there really isnt much to write about. I was told to make accounts for things like sound cloud and flickr, and then i was shown how to embed things into a post on my blog. other than that, there isn’t much else to talk about. i had some fun with the introductions, but thats about it. i’ll probably write a better weekly summary next week.

DS106 introduction course

my name is Agent Ryan Potter. I’m on a mission to do well in college. I have many ways of communicating details to many people.

There’s the site that has all the videos people watch

There’s the site where all the art school students go to
Frank the shark
OC do not steal!
Little lego robots I made
Duck shelf

There’s the site with the Highest Quality Video Game Rips

and there’s that site that MILO got kicked off of

But anyway, Hi guys, I’m Ryan, and this is my blog, Talking Out of my Hat, where i talk about things i like and things i dont, and post stuff here that is required of me by my college. My Hobbies include watching Tokusatsu, going to Church, and having episodes of existential dread. i look forward to seeing everyone else’s work this semester