I was the ADHD kid in elementary school with no friends who was bullied. So, to escape the soul crushing loneliness, I did what most kids I think do, and retreat into their fantasy world, where everything you love coalesces into a great adventure for you and your imaginary friends. My fantasy world consisted of Pokemon. I came up with my own regions, with their own gym leaders, who I would battle and defeat and become the pokemon master. My favorite region I came up with was the Flagno Region, founded by a great explorer who climbed the highest peak and placed a flag on top. One of the starter Pokemon I came up with was Acornary, the Acorn Bird Pokemon. He was Grass and flying and, while I never finalized its evolutions, I think it would eventually evolve into something called Treeagle.
Acornary was my favorite starter that I came up with. So much so that, once I grew up an outgrew my fantasy world and had to take on the real world, one of the few things that I kept with me was the idea of Acornary, a grass/flying type starter Pokemon.
and now we come to just last year when Pokemon Sun and Moon were announced. As per usual, we would be receiving a trickle of information about the games, new pokemon, new gym leaders, new features, all that jazz. When it came time to reveal the new starter Pokemon, there was a fire cat, a water seal, and…


Here’s my advice to anyone who might be reading this. Never forget where you came from, never forget the struggles you went through, never forget what got you to where you are and who you are today. Always remember the good times you had in those tough times, because you could share your story and or make something out of it. And sometimes, Life has a way of coming full circle.

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