License Plate

“Ryan”, you may ask,”what is a ‘tridoron’?” Well, allow me to introduce you to my favorite Japanese show.

Kamen Rider Drive! Yeah, I love this show. Or “loved” since its over. Kamen Rider is a long lasting show in Japan about motorcycle riding superheroes. Every year they change the theme and in 2014-15, the theme was cars. Its about a cop named Tomari Shinnosuke who works for the special crimes division of the police department, which was opened up ever since the phenomenon of “density shift”, where everything in a general area starts moving slowly, has been popping up around Japan. It turns out that this phenomenon is caused by sentient, body-copying androids called “roidmudes” who want to take over the world. Now Shinnosuke must team up with Dr.Steinbelt, who downloaded his consciousness into a belt(it makes sense in the story, roll with it), the Special Crimes unit, and some other allies along the way, and transform into Kamen Rider Drive and save the world. I would recommend you watch this show, but to do so would be technically illegal, since there isn’t a legal way to watch the show in English, and English subs are done by fan translators and posted online. If there was ever an subbed release of Kamen Rider Drive in America, preferebly by Shout Factory, then money would expel so fast from my wallet, that no amount of density shift fields would be able to slow it down.
“that all fine and dandy, Ryan, but what does this have to do with ‘Tridoron’?” I hear you ask.
Well, First off, you still say “dandy”? Second, let’s get to that. The show is called Kamen RIDER for a reason. The thing these riders ride is usually a motorcycle, but for this season, they decided to give him a car.

Meet Tridoron, the best car ever. the “Tri” in its name comes from the fact that it has three forms, which correspond to Kamen Rider Drive’s three base forms. The form pictured is Speed form, which looks like a car. It has two other forms, Wild, where it looks like a dune buggy, and Technic, where it drives on six wheels and has a giant pincer claw come out of it’s front.
And this brings me to why I made this license plate. If I were to adapt this show for an American audience, I would keep the story exactly the same, and set it in Tokyo’s equivalent in America, New York City. and Tridoron would have this license plate.