Weekly summary 2

Ive never been one of the better agents here. i usually get started on my mission around half way through the week, and then run out of time to do everything. I’ll never know why agent bond keeps me around. anyway, like I said, i saw I had unfinished work on my dossier, daily creates, and three assignments. i have already detailed how i have don the daily creates in previous posts, but what really pushed me was the feedback from my fellow agents, most of which was positive, even agent bond likes some of my work. which usually gets me down when i realize i havent been able to manage my time wisely and am only able to deliver unfinished and subpar work for this week. next week i pln onn doing better by starting earlier. agent potter, signing out.
p.s. something big might be coming. emphasis on might. completely unrelated to college. just something ive been working on.