Weekly Review

Daily Creates

This week was really fun for me. I got to experiment for the first time with editing sound and creating a story entirely through sound. I also got to sound like a complete idiot in one of them, which is always fun for me. I also participated in listening to ds106radio one night and I was so excited I tweeted all my friends about it.

I was really interested in the story that was playing on the radio, which was about a man who could talk with a pig through the use of special implant in the brain. Unfortunately, our fun was interrupted by, I suspect, The North Koreans. see above tweet for why. Tweeting about the story was pretty fun, but I think I might have missed the point of the exercise. Looking at my other friends doing the assignment, they seemed to be focused on the music and sound design.
Which leads me nicely into my next topic of sound design. Sound design in any phonic medium is essential to telling any story. try listening to a movie with no sound. Music has always been used to set the mood or the feel of a certain scene. Video games have this too, though some of it is usually just ambiance. Even before this course, I understood the importance of sound in any medium. Entertainment is basically lost without its oldest manifestation (music and sound). It also helps to have really clear sounds to truly understand what is going on. Like a door slamming, or feet running on the ground.

Overall, my experience with this week was a great one, and I think I might fool around with audacity more in the future.