Fan fic assignment

I have to do 3 assignments before the week is over, so i feel like I’m crunching for time. this one is a fan fic assignment where I must either write or draw a scene with my character meeting my favorite historical figure. so i present to you, at the climax of an epic battle, when all hope seems lost, I call upon the power of Nikola Tesla, and suddenly the sky grows dark, it starts to rain, and a flash of lightning appears. and in the roll of thunder, descending from on high is Nikola Tesla, Descending upon the earth below, being carried by pigeons. he touches down and with one clap of his hand, electricity shoots out of everywhere and destroys the invading army. the day is saved and Nikola Tesla ascends back up to the heavens, again carried by his pigeons.

my thought process is as follows:
I’m Cruched for time, Who is my favorite Historcal Figure?
Nikola Tesla
How do I want to meet him?
I want him to have a grand entrance descending from the heavens being carried by pigeons.
that’s it.