Shadow of a doubt

I decided for this project to take a picture of something that holds significance to me from my childhood. I once had the dream to write a story about a group of children who go to a mystical world. Super original, I know. I remember for the cover of my book that I wanted a picture of a shadow on bricks. Now I get to recreate that here. I don’t know I just find the look of shadows on brick so calming, creepy, and other words that start wit “c”. I made sure that no other shadows were in the shot, as to not disturb the natural purity of my shadow being cast upon bricks. Pretentious babbling continues for 4 paragraphs about how my shadow on pavement actually means something. I do notice how my shadow gets longer as I get away from the sun, but that’s simple mathematics. Other things I know about shadows include the umbra being the darkest part of the shadow, while the place where the place where the shadow starts to lighten up is called the penumbra.

But on a more philosophical note I am actually pondering what a shadow is. Is a shadow and darkness the absence of light, which I know it is, but is darkness like the default of the universe, and light coming in is the exception? If yes, is this supposed to be a reflection of the human condition, where the inner darkness of man is the default of the human heart, and we need something, or Someone, to shine the light into it?
Real subtle. I know.

Visual Assignment#1

This is my First Visual Assignment. The task was to make on of those pictures with a quote from a famous fictional character and make everything about the picture wrong. like this…

I’m supposed to detail my thought process for coming up with this fantastc work of art, but I think it’s pretty self-explanitory.
So I used agent 47 from the Hitman movie, and I gave him a quote from Austin Powers, finally, I attributed the Quote to everyone’s favorite, Steet-wise secret agent, Agent Moon Moon