Game Design Log Phase 3

Play Testing Reflection
My first play test for my game was a little weird. I asked my Dad to play with me, but he clearly wanted to just wanted to watch the game that was on Television. We played the game, but dad was really mostly there to remind me of the rules of original risk, since at the time, it was still only a carbon copy of risk. During this play test, I mainly focused on the 3 main parts of normal risk, which were getting troops, attacking and fortifying my position, since that is the fun part of Risk. It was during this play session I noticed that there was no way of incorporating the things I learned about the Communist party’s tactics into the game. that’s when I decided to come up with bonus cards that would either hinder or help you. I also decided to change the way you gain troops, since the number of pieces was a concern to me. So for my second playtest, I made sure the we focused on getting the bonus cards. In all honesty, the game played like a fairly standard game of risk.
My second round of play testing did not go so well. I realized I needed to add a few things to the rules. For one thing, I forgot to include a better system of how to get more troops. You put one of your pieces in each territory, taking turns till all the pieces are filled. Then every turn, you divide the number of provinces you have by three. That’s the number of new pieces you get. I also narrowed down my focus on what it is I am representing when I am playing with the pieces. The yellow pieces represent churches being built up and torn down. When you are attacking as the yellow side, you are really converting and putting up new churches in regions. With that, my play testing was done and now I can present it for play for you today.

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