Weekly Review

First the Daily Creates.

I learned a little bit more about design this week. I learned about the techniquees and things that people use as a guideline in design from the “Vignelli Canon”.
I also enjoyed hunting for Examples of different design in my DesignBlitz. In that Designblitz, I also share a little personal story about my past, which is sort of a theme this week, actually. It started out simple with My “Potter Cipher” idea, which was an idea I had kicking around in my head for a while now. I thought “how can I make a simple letter replacement cipher a bit harder to crack?” and voila, the Potter Cipher was born. My other blog posts got even more personal. First there was the license plate, in which I got to show my love to and kind of support the illegal viewing of a show I love, Kamen Rider Drive. And there was what I think is my Favorite blog post about my favorite “Fakemon”, Acornary, and some backstory behind it. Give it a read. Oh, and there was the demotivational poster, which isn’t much.

Well, next week I’ll be working on a radio show, If anyone is interested in having me on board, I’d love to do it. I could do voice, maybe editing,I mean, I’m kind of liking Audacity. But anyway, the next two weeks are going to be great. If midterms don’t kill me, that is.

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